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Introducing Boots...

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My name is Amy and I would like to introduce everyone to my Jackshund Boots. He is yrs old, black and tan with some white markings. He is very protective of his momma and small children especially little girls. He seems to have an aversion to males, though he relaxes once he is around them for a bit.
He is a very energetic dog and loves to run and play. He can do some pretty interesting tricks and is quite intelligent. He actually knocks on the screen door to be let back in the house after he takes care of his business. He can chose which hand a treat is hidden in and he will say please for a treat. He also gives kisses and dances, he will "fight" if you ask him if he wants to fight.
Boots loves belly rubs and he loves to go for walks. He is not much on going for car rides or loud noises. He is a great alarm clock as he will let you know when he wants out or he thinks it is bed time.
Boots is my best friend and a great companion. He has made a wonderful addition to my family and is a great comfort to me. I can not imagine not having him around. 

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Welcome to our group. Sounds like you have a wonderful companion. We have so much to learn from our dogs about how to live a happy life. Enjoy!

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