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Bullkita, Need advice, even non bullkita owners.

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Hi im heather, im a first time bullkita owner, i have had a bulldog before and a bordeaux, but this breed is extremely new.. i got him when he was 6weeks old pick of the litter, and wow i now know the cutest dont stay the cutest! He terrorises my house, i cant leave things on the kitchen worktop because its gone in 2seconds, anything that fits in his mouth he eats, he barks alot, and seems to think being naughty is fun. but as soon as hes outside hes brilliant, stays by you off the lead runs off then runs back, hes great so i can only assume hes attention seeking because hes not outside, i love him to bits and yes he is driving me mad at the moment as i have 2 kids so until he calms down he has to stay in the kitchen until theyre in bed.. my question is, how did you train a whirlwind dog? how old were they? and will getting him neutered actually make a difference?? Any advice would be amazing!! thanks all you mix owners, its nice to see a bunch of people who dont breed a dog till they have problems! :)

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there will not be a difference in personality when you have them neutered, it will just get rid of any dog agression and the need to run when they smell females in heat (up to 5 miles) you really need to research AKITA's they are a very strong headed dog. and from what it sounds like, i think it is taking after most of the akita in it. I dont have an akita or an akita mix but i often go to the akita meet up groups that happen here in town. they do get fairly large, and can tend to be dog agressive. EXERCISE EXERCISE EXERCISE i cannot stress that enough with your designer pup. keep him busy or i garauntee he will be destroying your house lol. congrats on your new pup. they are always a joy. i have 2 designer mixes and had a white doberman pinscher but he passed away on halloween (murdered) along with my black lab. I do recommend getting him neutered, also pay attention to make sure that both drop, if not it is a super expensive neutere procedure because they have to go inside to retrieve the other, but if you dont get it done it will produce female hormones into the dogs body and also will raise his chance of getting cancer to more than 50% my black lab had to have that procedure done. i hope for the best with you and your new pup. if you have ANY questions feel free to ask us. we are more than happy to help
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I can only support what corky95621 said. Exercise, exercise, exercise every day. I have a high energy dog and she does agility every day and goes on 3 or 4 very long walks or runs. I am sure if I did not keep her busy she would get into trouble too. I wanted to share a story with you about my neighbor's dog. It is a purebred Akita and beautiful female. This dog required allot of work when it was a puppy but now it is an adult it is the most well behaved dog I have seen both indoors and outdoors. What is even more cute is when we got our dog she decided she was going to mother our tiny white ball of fluff. To this day she still mothers my dog and my dog is now 2 years old. The family has young boys and they are very rough but she is wonderful with them.

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