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Labrabull Puppy Aggression

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I have 2 labrabull puppies. One, the male seems to be aggressive towards people. He is 4 months old and has never been abused. my mom had them until I got them at 8 weeks of age. I have been taking them to tball practices since I gott them for socialization but it has not done anything for Kodiak. He has nipped at a little girl who wanted to pet him. His sister is the complete opposite of him. What else can I do. I don't wnat him to serious bite and hurt someone. He is the most loving little guy you could ever meet and I want him to be able to be petted and get all the attention when we are in public but he growls and bites so he has to stay back while sister plays.

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Interesting! Is your puppy really aggressive or is your puppy just a very aggressive player and needs to learn what is acceptable play. My daughter has 2 purebred labs one is very well behaved and the other is just crazy. Biting for a puppy can be part of unacceptable play. She is a female and they have had to have very black and white rules and they cannot let anything go that is unacceptable and now at a year old she is finally figuring out how to behave properly. When people ask to pet her when she was younger my daughter had to say no. it was allot of work but certainly worth every moment. Some dogs require allot work than other dogs, just do not give up on him. Keep us updated on how things are going.
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