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New Member (Again)

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…since I couldn't retrieve my previous log-in information. Probably a technical difficulty. Unfortunately now I have two handles: Missing_Zolton and Painter Phd. 
At any rate, I"m trying to tap in with Newfoundland-Lab owners (now called New Labralounds or just Labralounds??). I'm having a hard time finding any. I just found some lovely photos of some guys that look just like my precious boy. We just put him down a week ago and we are all devastated, particularly me, the cat lover! I spent more time with this dog than anyone and I can't believe how sick I am over his absence.
If anyone can connect me to other owners or know where people can find such mixes, other than the dumb-luck I had 12+ years ago, I would LOVE to hear from you.
Thank you so much in advance.
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Melissa it was so sad reading that you had to say good bye to your dog. It is one of those things that pulls at your heart.
If you go to dogs and enter in what you are looking for there maybe some people here with the same mix you are looking for.
Take care!

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