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I have a 4 month old shih-poo and he has become somewhat of a picky eater. Right now he is eating Wellness Dry puppy food with Wellness Venison Wet Food. I have also tried Eagle Pack Puppy and Canidae Puppy. All of which a some point he has turned his nose up to. I am not so sure about changing him again, but if anyone has any suggestion about this that would be great. I am also thinking of going back back to either Eagle or Canidae or maybe even going to Innova or EVO. Please owners of Shih-Poo's help me out. BTW- my vet recommened Royal Canin.[:)]

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Sorry to hear about your trouble with your shih-poo. We had some trouble with our chipoos as well. They were never picky eaters, but we had some issues with food intolerance and their digestion. We tried Natures Recepie for Toy Breeds and we haven't had any problem since. I highly recommend it, but I don't know if it will solve your problem or not. Good Luck and please let us know if you find a solution.

Thanks for the reply. Right now he is eating Wellness puppy dry and Solid Gold Wet. I am in the process of taking him off Solid Gold Wet and giving him Wellness Wet this way it is a complete balance of food from the same co. So far Wellness has worked I hope it continues when the Wellness Wet food is introduced. Soxnitter, what color is your shipoo? Mine is black and I am having a hard time with his coat. He is still only 4 months old and maybe his coat is still going to change. Its not shiney, its soft but not shiney. Any suggestions? Thanks agian for your response.

Hey jayntim, I have a black shih-poo, also, who is a year old now. She's the first one I've ever had so I don't know if this is the case with the breed in general, but over time she lost that super soft, shiny coat. It's a little coarser now and keeps getting grayer. I know her mother was silver so maybe she'll eventually be silver, too. If you look at her pictures you'll be able to see the difference in her coat now from when she was a puppy.

blackopal, I have noticed that as well. He has white hair under all of his black fur. His mom was white poodle and dad was brown shih-tzu. Have you found any products out there that come close to getting that shiney coat back? Let me know if you do! Thanks

I now have my pup (6 months old) on EVO dry chiken and Party Time chicken wet. He gets 1/3 cup dry 3times a day and I mix it with 2 spoon servings of Party Time wet food. He seems to really like the party time wet food and it is all organtic and not wheat products. He weighs 11 lbs. and sometimes he won't eat as soon as I serve him and then he ends up eating only 2 times a day, but that doesn't happen as often now and he seems to just gobble up his food now and his scratching has also subsided.

I made a mistake the wet food is called PARTY ANIMAL again my above post is incorrect the wet food is called PARTY ANIMAL just incase anyone is interested in looking it up for more info!
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well i hear ya sister i had the same problem with my papastzu he started with eukanuba puppy then he would not eat it i tryed nuto naturals same theing finally he ate puppy chow which bothered me because it's got to much bad things for doggies in it so finally we had no choice but to buy science diet senstive stomach for a shih tzu louie and surprise pluto loves it but of course we need to add some wet stuff to it i like pedegree country stew for them hope all works out for you lov steph
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I love wellness's food. All of my animals are on it and love it and my new Schneagle puppy is on it as well and she loves it. I haven't had any problems with it, although my cat was picky at first and she is now on the healthy weight, where the dogs are on the complete. You could always try a different type of wellness b/c they have quite a few different selections now (large and small breed, core, and an allergy formula) and mix in some wet food. Best wishes ~ Jami
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I understand picky eaters - Checkers [peek-a-poo] was doing quite well on California Naturals Lamb/Rice Dry - then he got sick - nothing to do with Calif. Nat - everthing to do with his chews! Anyway - we have been the gamut for the past month. One thing we did discover through this is that he has a very small liver - which causes processing difficulties - which causes "picky eating" - You might want to have your guy's liver enzymes checked and maybe even have your vet run a BAT [Bile Acid Test] just to make sure there is nothing serious going on. Checkers tolerates EVO - he really likes Wellness 98% turkey - but it doesn't have the nutrients. We're also trying MErrick Turducken kibble - and he sort of likes that. GOOD LUCK you can learn more about Checkers trials and tribulations on his website [url][/url]

I recommend you to try Artemis,small breed puppy dry food! Its an excellent choice of premium dog food, great quality and my 4 months old shih-poo loves it! Also,before I fed her with Eukanuba(crappy food) and her fur became very dry and fluffy...since I switched into Artemis, her fur became soo soft, shiny, healthy looking. She seems to be in a better mood,very active! ;)

My Ginger who is a shih poo is a pickey eater. I found a food that is healthy and good. Earthborn Holistic.... I also sprinkle just a dab of [b]Parmesan cheese [/b]on her dry food she loves it....sometimes I put a a teaspoon of milk on it too.... For snaks she eats raw veggies and fresh fruit... Dried bananas and dryed pineapples..

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