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 Location:Terry, MS (United States)

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Name:SushiView My Bio
Breed:ChuskyView My Gallery
Age:12 years 7 months 19 days

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My Chusky

I have found the Chusky to be a fantastic family member. A great mix if you have a active life style, and like the idea of having a dog that will take care of your family. I have found this mix to be extremly smart, funny, playful, yet at the same time protective of there family, and always on alert. If my dog thinks she hears something, she's checking it out.

This mix is a combination of a working breed, so they need to be stimulated mentaly, and the nonsporting Chow makes them not as phyicaly demanding as the purebred husky.

They do have a heavy dense double coat. Regular professional grooming is a must. They also don't tolerate the heat very well. I live in the south, so I don't recommend them for strickly outside dogs. Mine is a house dog only. She is quite spoiled to her air conditioner.

Posted: 8/17/2009 7:27:55 AM by cockatoo
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