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 Location:Appleton, WI (United States)

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Name:Zsa ZsaView My Bio
Breed:MaltichonView My Gallery
Age:17 years 11 months 17 days
Name:izziView My Bio
Breed:SnorkieView My Gallery
Age:16 years 8 months

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Ok, this may sound bad to some ppl that may want to read something into it that isn't there but, zsa get hiccups and has forever....I do the same thing to her that I did to my kids...that my mom did to me....and it works everytime. I told my vet "Dr Denise" and she just laughed and said if it doesn't bother her and she understands what you are doing...Of course, I would NEVER do anything to make her frightened of me....just a small BOOO....and bam they are gone. The thing that does alarm me is her Wheezzing/snorting sound that encompasses her entire body????anyone else have this and find the answer or a cure? She hasn't done it for the vet yet but she says that its probably related to the allergies.....

hiccups | Health Concerns

Posted: 10/19/2009 8:52:36 AM

Separation Anxiety

I agree with bman, I also have 2 dogs....I hold izzi she is the really excited exuberant one who will startle another dog or person with her excitement. zsa zsa is calmer and has a more calm approach to anything....this lets me know how what the temperature of the situation is going to be....then I monitor izzi for a few minutes....she is always the one who will be the immediate friend, while zsazsa watches them play....and that is the way zsa wants it.

Separation Anxiety | Behavior

Posted: 10/19/2009 8:27:34 AM

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