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 Location:virginia beach, VA (United States)

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I'd forgotten - POTTY TRAINING - ICK!!!

It's been eight years since I have had to potty train a dog. Now I don't have human children, I have the canine version, and don't know what the difference it would be. But I suspect it must be the same, except with a human you get a messy diaper and for the most part it is one place. With a canine you get a lovely order of pee in your carpets in different spots, three purchases of a steam cleaner (because you have worn it out), a loss of a voice from yelling both bad, when mistakes are in the house, and joyous when they are done in the right place. (I don't hit my dogs). Dogs really do respond to the tone of your voice, proof being is if I forget to make a huge hurrah about my puppy going outside, he tends to retaliate and 'forget' to go outside the next time..... don't know who is smarter a 5 month old puppy or a 40 year old female.
It has only been a few months since we have started the training, and he makes it outside 99% of the time now, but, mann!! The few times he doesn't make it, sure drives me crazy and I suspect I will go through one more steam cleaner by the time this is all through.

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Posted: 10/12/2008 11:34:29 AM

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