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 Location:Cumberland Gap, TN (United States)

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Name:ZiggyView My Bio
Breed:DoxleView My Gallery
Age:11 years 7 months 16 days
Name:FreyaView My Bio
Breed:Rottweiler MixView My Gallery
Age:17 years 8 months 6 days

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Freya can talk

Freya, my rottiehound, gets her point across.  I can feel her in my head, even when I'm not looking at her.  It is like she is screaming "Give me a treat"  or "walk!".   When you combine the telepathic message with the woebegone intensity of her large brown aged eyes, she talks. When walking, her whole body is happy, from her wide grin to her puppy like gait.  When she does someting wrong, sadness invades her soul and every hair on her body droops.  On a rainy day, she is so pained; deep sadness permeates her... "Make the rain stop, Mommy"  When her little buddy doxle, Ziggy, is on a cat quest and temporarily disappears after digging under the fence, all I say is "Get Ziggy" and she's off on the chase, always finding him and barking in triumph.  She loves her little brother but Ziggy knows she is Alpha Dog...Freya could break his neck with a single bite but instead playfully nips at him while he is excitedly biting at her heels or jumping at her neck.  She loves to take Ziggy's favorite worn skunk and run through the yard and then sit on it, stealthily squeaking it and looking ferocious until Ziggy gives up and then she loses interest too.


Every morning, she needs Freya time.  She is very insulted that her daddy won't let a 70 pound dog sleep on our full size bed when her little brother curls up under the covers so she pushes me awake with her powerful nose until I crawl down on her bed and she exposes her massive tummy for a morning scratch...she expects this, it is only fair...


I know my big buddy is getting older but I pray every morning that God will keep our little family intact as long as possible....Can't imagine life without my two doggy children...I can't imagine life without Freya's big voice...

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Posted: 9/10/2011 7:29:45 AM

Dogs ride to the Bank.....

Dog Road Trip!

Ziggy, (the Doxle): windows going up and down, heated seats on and off, dumped pop on mommy's butt, try to sit on mommy's lap as she passed a cop, chased squirrels in a park,  jumped in stream as mommy tried to get Freya out, obsessed with scanning for cats all the way and  put tongue in whipped cream in mommy's milkshake (how he thought the whipped cream on his nose wouldn't be noticed?)

Freya, (Rottie/hound): jumped in stream at park after chasing squirrels, flipping mommy, getting loose, and then started swimming, sat in front seat and pushed Ziggy on mommy's lap, (nosed mommy everytime she felt left out with big smile on her wet face!) 

Both sat in air conditioned SUV at the bank and then ate chicken nuggets and drank mommy's milkshake. Both slept all the way home. Great doggie adventure!  Wanted treats when returning home because they were such good riders.  Mommy tired!

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Posted: 6/4/2011 7:03:25 AM

my backyard by Freya

Sorry about Scruffy's nose but he shouldn't have been in my backyard without checking with me first...What do you expect me to do when I come out my doggie door and find a scraggly big animal starring at me  with that stupid cock eyed grin?  The nerve of him!  Sure seemed to upset daddy as he made me stop eating his nose.  Just trying to protect my territory!


 Everyday I run out my door and bark with the sheer joy of living in the mountains.  Texas was hot and I enjoyed my walks but I would get so sweaty.  I loved to swim in the bayou but my mommy kept yelling about snakes and gators.  Here the water flows from a secret place called a cave and is clean (98% whatever that means)  and I jump in (not too clean after that I guess, I do pee in the stream sometimes) and drink the water while my little brother Ziggy gets up the courage to put a paw in (He is such a little scaredy cat...eeks! bad wording , he is cat intensive but don't know what he'd do if a cat stopped and waited for him.  He hides under the shed and the table when I chase him ..I love him but he has to accept his place! I did worry when we thought he was lost, but don't tell him!)


 My parents  call me a DIVA, not sure what that is, but they especially call be that and smile when I take my own sweet time to come when they call and when I stretch out on my couch cradled by the pillows.  My favorite place is in my backyard as the sun goes down.  I am queen of my domain.

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Posted: 5/21/2011 9:04:37 PM

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