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Cat Intensive...

by gusmi on 5/13/2011 at 9:27 PM in Cat intensive dogs

I read about a dog once who flunked out of Paws with a Cause because he was ball intensive....well, Ziggy, my doxle,  is definitely Cat intensive.  He remembers everywhere he ever saw or smelled a cat and has to revisit each sighting on our walks.  It's funny we saw Foghorn Leghorn, a pet rooster, today by his porch and Ziggy had no use for that chicken, ignoring his completely;  yet he reared up on his back paws (being a doxle, his front paws are a long ways from his back ones) and squealed his off tone beagle howl at the sight of a black cat's tail further on down the trail.  I believe that he thinks squirrels are little cats and deers and cows are big ones!

We had a tiger cat who tried to adopt us when we moved to husband named her "Lunch" because that is what she would have been if Freya, our rottweiller mix,  had gotten to her....Lunch knew the dogs were the reason she couldn't move in so she would sit just out of sight and stick out one ear or a tail tip just to agitate the dogs.  Lunch had a "snack pack" of kittens and we had to do something...there was a lack of "no kill" cat sanctuaries in any of the three states we border.  Finally, my husband called a vet just at the right time and a lady had just lost her cat...she adopted Lunch and the entire snack pack!   Anyway Ziggy is definitely cat intensive...don't know what he'd do to a cat if he caught one (probably turn tail and run).  Freya, on the other hand, would pursue her prey.  So our dogs alert us to any creature resembling a cat within a mile from our house (Don't know why they equate the mail lady and garbage man with a cat)....Funny how such intensity is inborn!

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