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Cat Patrol

by gusmi on 5/15/2011 at 7:41 AM in cat patrol.....

Eeks!  Freya (all 70 pounds of 9 year old Rottweiller)  jumped and cleared air over a seven foot wide deck! A black kitten invaded her yard and was making her home under the shed.  Ziggy was frantically patrolling the perimeter to keep all other invaders out and Freya squeezed under the shed, snarling. A black streak screamed out of a small crack followed by an intense Freya. Two blurs headed toward the fence and the smaller one barely escaped under a three inch space under the door.  Ziggy caught up and both dogs flew, barely touching the earth, around the fence warning all cat intruders to beware.  Really doubt the kittens return but the dogs are taking no chances.  All in the space of a minute! 

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