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my backyard by Freya

by gusmi on 5/21/2011 at 9:04 PM in freya's observations

Sorry about Scruffy's nose but he shouldn't have been in my backyard without checking with me first...What do you expect me to do when I come out my doggie door and find a scraggly big animal starring at me  with that stupid cock eyed grin?  The nerve of him!  Sure seemed to upset daddy as he made me stop eating his nose.  Just trying to protect my territory!


 Everyday I run out my door and bark with the sheer joy of living in the mountains.  Texas was hot and I enjoyed my walks but I would get so sweaty.  I loved to swim in the bayou but my mommy kept yelling about snakes and gators.  Here the water flows from a secret place called a cave and is clean (98% whatever that means)  and I jump in (not too clean after that I guess, I do pee in the stream sometimes) and drink the water while my little brother Ziggy gets up the courage to put a paw in (He is such a little scaredy cat...eeks! bad wording , he is cat intensive but don't know what he'd do if a cat stopped and waited for him.  He hides under the shed and the table when I chase him ..I love him but he has to accept his place! I did worry when we thought he was lost, but don't tell him!)


 My parents  call me a DIVA, not sure what that is, but they especially call be that and smile when I take my own sweet time to come when they call and when I stretch out on my couch cradled by the pillows.  My favorite place is in my backyard as the sun goes down.  I am queen of my domain.

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