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Torkie Testimonials

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Our little guy...

Our little guy is named ACE for the Amish Country Experience my 3 kids had in finding him here in Ohio. He is a year old, weights 6lbs, and is very healthy and loveable. He is at his best an adorable, maybe a little odd looking lap dog who wants to be completely snuggled up to someone 24 hours a day. At his worst is when the doorbell rings and his guard dog side comes out. He has frightened the tallest, biggest, and baddest football player friend of our daughter's and he will protect her at all costs. We don't know WHAT he is going to do when she leaves for college this fall. We did everything right, socialized him early on and have kids here all the time, but a little light bulb switches on in him when he thinks his "person" needs his protection. Somehow, despite his thinking that he is much bigger than he really is, we all adore the little guy!
Posted: 3/8/2009 5:18:45 PM by Anonymous

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