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Bristol's Bio

joined 8/16/2009

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Bristol the Red Merle Male Border-Aussie / Stands 20 inches tall / Weighs 45 lbs / Born 11/25/2008 in Whitewater, WI / Lives with nickybaird75 in Brookfield, WI (United States)


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Came From
Goofball, lover
Favorite Toy
Rawhide bones, and snything that squeaks
Favorite Hobby
To run through sprinkler with kids
Favorite Food
Nutro Lamb and Rice
Favorite Treat
Liver flavored ones
Favorite Trick
Typical ones- sit, lay, give paw
Favorite Place To Sleep
In kennel in our daughter's room- on couch when we are not home
Favorite Place To Play
Favorite Place To Walk
Stairs- He refuses to EVER use them
Bristol's Story & Details
We purchased him on Feb 8th, 2009, and he has been by oursides ever since. Of course unless we are either upstairs or downstairs because he's afraid to use them. He is named Bristol, which is our favorite racetrack. Bristol is great with the kids too, contrary to popular belief that herding dogs are not good family dogs. I grew up with an border-aussie named Muffy, and she was the greatest dog ever. Now that we have Bristol for my children, I am seeing Muffy all over again. Bristol follows my 6 and 4 year-old EVERYWHERE and when they are gone playing in the neighborhood, Bristol sits sadly by the windows waiting. Whenever he hears a child, he perks up and stares out the window. If it is otour children, he lays down again and sadly looks at me. Bristol is very intelligent. He was houstrained in a little under 2 weeks, doesn't have any accidents if we are gone for several hours, and has learned the usual tricks on the same day we attempted to teach them to him. He also comes when called allowing him to run around the unfenced yard unleashed. He is tied up when he goes outside to "do his business", but otherwise when playing he always stays in the yard. Bristol's only downside is his fear. as mentioned, he is afraid of stairs, but he is also afraid of sudden movements and new people. He urinates everytime we go to the vet, and needs to be muzzled on those visits because he will fear bite. He is not aggressive in anyway, only when he feels threatened. Visitors will enter our home and Bristol will bark in a manner meant to scare them away, but he will not approach them in an aggressive manner, rather he keeps his distance. after a little while, he will approach the visitor carefully to "check them out". At that time, he will allow them to pet him, and minutes later, he is bringing them his toys and placing the toys on their laps so they will play with him. When other dogs are in his presence, he is never shy of people. So, we frequent dog parks so he can enjoy his "friends" and for people to enjoy petting him. According to the border-aussie description on this website, he fits it to a T. He has one blue eye and one green eye, he has the aussie coat texture with the border's length, and has the border tail and body style. He is textbook border-ausssie, and we couldn't have asked for a better family dog!

Bristol's Puppy Pad

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