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Charlie Wrinkles's Bio

joined 9/22/2009

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Lucy Belle

Charlie Wrinkles
Charlie Wrinkles the Fawn Male Cocker-Pei / Stands 20 inches tall / Weighs 35 lbs / Born 4/27/2009 in Unknown / Lives with WhitneyZu19 in Berea, OH (United States)


Yes (Spay & Neuter Information)
Yes (Microchipping Information)
Chuck, Duck, Charles
Came From
Pet Store
Playful, silly, and full of energy, loves attention from both people and other dogs, can be stubborn at times and doesn't like to be left alone.
Favorite Toy
His favorite new toy is his sister, Lucy Belle! He loves to get our attention by stealing socks.
Favorite Hobby
Wrestling with his sister, meeting new people and dogs at the dog park, napping and playing fetch, and pulling us on our roller blades.
Favorite Food
Iams Prebiotic and Baby Carrots
Favorite Treat
Anything that we give him--usually Milkbones.
Favorite Trick
High five-he thinks he can do anything if he does it, he gets up on his hind legs to reach your hand
Favorite Place To Sleep
As close to one of us as possible...between our legs or up on our chest.
Favorite Place To Play
Wherever he can wrestle, romp and run around!
Favorite Place To Walk
Around the neighborhood.
People, Lucy Belle, sleeping, ice cubes, and his collar (doesn't like to have it off)
Being put back into his crate, or being left alone
Charlie Wrinkles's Story & Details
Charlie Wrinkles is a great puppy and he brings a lot of joy to our lives! He loves people and other dogs which makes things more fun for us, and allows him to get a ton of exercise while socializing at the park. He loves to run around and play both indoors and out. He is great at playing fetch when alone but gets easily distracted when other dogs are around. He learns very quickly and is a very smart dog. He now has a sister, Lucy, and was they learned to love each other very quickly.

Charlie Wrinkles's Puppy Pad

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