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Tyler's Bio

joined 1/22/2010

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Tyler the White & Cream Male Kashon / Stands 13 inches tall / Weighs 11 lbs / Born 4/10/2004 in Northern Ireland / Lives with bjp2008 in Portadown (United Kingdom)


Yes (Spay & Neuter Information)
Yes (Microchipping Information)
Wee 'T'
Came From
very smart, sweet, playful, gentle, friendly, sociable, (mostly) obedient, quick to learn.good guard dog - barks to alert me if vistiors approach
Favorite Toy
Swan teddy bear- pulls teddys apart and flings them around like trying to kill it
Favorite Hobby
he loveschasing birds or passing trailers and jumping for toys
Favorite Food
anything goes.. eats
Favorite Treat
his shape biscuits and going to stay with my mother at holiday times
Favorite Trick
does lots of tricks (for reward of course) including 'hi 5's', dances on back legs, plays which hand is the biscuit in.
Favorite Place To Sleep
in his owners bed - but thats reserved as treat for me and him!
Favorite Place To Play
anywhere he can and he will
Favorite Place To Walk
in the park
running like a speeding bullet, cuddles, play, fetching toys and holding on to them.. its all part of the game! meeting other dogs. giving kisses
the post man - nothing personal Mr Postman. tends to attack letters if he gets them coming through the letter box
Tyler's Story & Details
Tyler is a true companion dog who is incredably loving, smart, sweet, gentle and playful. A perfect family dog.

He loves to go for walks but also adores cuddles by the fire as often as possible.

Tyler loves nothing better than us arriving home from work - so excited and jumps around like a lunatic. This is delightful to see and be greated with after a days work. I dont know where he gets it from but he is a fabulous jumper. He can jump straight up in for for toys/treats you name it.. but he doesnt use this skill to act as an escape artist thankfully!

Tyler has a typical terrier streak and knows exactly what he wants. He manages to communicate this to us by barking at cupboards for toys or at the door if he needs to 'go out' ! luckily the 'barking' is limited to 'I WANT' and 'I NEED OUT' or 'HEY THERE IS SOMEONE COMING TO THE HOUSE' ! otherwise he is pretty quiet wee man.

As a cross between the Cairn and bichon his coat only sheds a little. He has adorable soft curls with wirey fur coming through in places. His coat has more a crinkle cut effect than curly.
Tylers coat is off white in colour with a cream ridge along his spine and across his shoulders. the creamyness seems to be increasing with age.

He carries one ear up and one ear down. I think he is a bit confused as to which bread he wants to be. He has a lovely byt strange long tail that looks like a bottle washer - long straight fur on it. He carries his tail in a curl sometimes over his back when excited but if he is running about then its straigh back out behind him ( more aerodymanic i suppose?). When he was a pup he had a pure black nose which has now turned brown.

He is a beautifully tempered dog but does have a mild stubborn streak. Incredably good mannered and does not a bad bone in his body. He lives for cuddles and affection and gives back what he recieves ten fold.

Tyler's Puppy Pad

Hi Tyler, a great big hello from Milly (kashon) you sound exactly like me and we both have the 1 up and 1 down ears lol. Its so good to meet others me. x
by TWOSOCKS on 2/12/2010 at 2:44 AM

Hi Tyler, yes you are lovely. you look like a white version of my big brother Buzz (cairn terrier) and I love the pic of you sitting on the chair.I dont look much like a carin I take after my dad, hes a bichon, all my litter mates were white just like you, my colouring must have come from my mums side of the family. My mummy choose me because I was different ( and the cheekiest). Milly x
by TWOSOCKS on 2/16/2010 at 4:57 AM

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