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 Location:Portadown (United Kingdom)

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Name:TylerView My Bio
Breed:KashonView My Gallery
Age:20 years 3 months 3 days

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Tyler - My best friend

What can i say?
Im in love with my Kashon.. although until today i didnt know he had a 'breed name'. until now i called him my little Bairn - my cross between a cairn and a bichon !

I ended up with my baby by accident 5 years ago when i stumbled across him in a local paper. What a stroke of luck.

In a nut shell .. he is a hardy little thing and definately more cairn than bichon - shown in his style of 'play' and his stubburn streak.

He loves to play, chasing trailers and birds and 'beasts' (flying creatures) indoors. Any teddy he gets quickly becomes something to disect limb by limb and is tossed about and dismembered until the stuffing is out of it. Luckily this is restricted to toys and no items of soft furnishing have suffered.

Overall he is very intelligent wee man and relatively obedient and is very quick to learn. He performs tricks we taught him like giving paw, 'hi 5's', dancing on his hind legs and chosing which hand the biscuit is in. Reward for good behaviour is the way to train these pups for sure !

He look a bit like a westie but put him beside a Westie adn you will quickly see the difference. He stands much higher and has a very long back. About the size of a cocker spaniel i guess. As a pup both ears flopped but as he got older one ear went up and the other stayed down - a true mix between a cairn and a bichon !

He weighs about 11kg and is very healthy hardy small/medium dog.

He has a beautiful off white coat, that has a cream stripe down the lenght of his spine and across his shoulders. the creaminess is increasing with age. His coat is really soft and crinkle cut with some curls but there are some wirey hairs popping up here and there. HIs tail is comical. straight at times, curled up over his back at times, mostly straight in the air with a bend ! It looks like a bottle washer with long straight hairs ! His nose has turned brown from being black as a pup.

My kashon adores walks of any lenght at all. He just keeps going. its only when we stop he gives in to being tired. Although is fine when he is left alone and well behaved he gets so excited when we come home. After a while of play he settles down for cuddles and is very content to lie with me on the sofa or rug by the fire.

He tends to Guard the house - barking only when people approach or knock the door etc. when new people come to the house he greats them like long lost friends and jumps about like a lunatic and then settles down once they have said hello to him too.

He is an amazing Jumper. he can jump really hi in the air to get his toys or biscuits.. pretty amazing to watch. luckily he doesnt use this skill to escape !

I love this breed. i would recommend them as a family pet to anyone. To sum them up.. they are a very 'giving' dog.. what you give them in affection and attention they will give you back 10 fold in return.

Posted: 1/25/2010 8:38:57 AM by bjp2008
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