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Millie's Bio

joined 5/14/2010

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Greyhound Mix
Millie the Black & White Female Greyhound Mix / Stands 24 inches tall / Weighs 52 lbs / Born 10/1/2003 in England / Lives with michdwy in Shipley Yorkshire (United Kingdom)


Yes (Spay & Neuter Information)
Yes (Microchipping Information)
Came From
Lively, friendly to dogs and humans
Favorite Toy
golf ball
Favorite Hobby
Favorite Food
any meat
Favorite Treat
any meat
Favorite Trick
juggling a golf ball
Favorite Place To Sleep
owner's bed
Favorite Place To Play
golf fairways
Favorite Place To Walk
chasing any animal
Millie's Story & Details
Millie was abandoned, left tied up at an abattoir when she was one to two years old. I was told by a racing and coursing greyhound expert that she had most likely been a coursing dog. She has the speed (about 45mph)to have been a racing dog, excellent physique, but has not been tattooed. She is what we call in England a lurcher (any sight hound cross)specifically Greyhound/Border Collie. She was taken in by the owner of a large estate, which consisted of moorland, forest and farmland. She was not walked formally, returning to the house for food and shelter when she wanted and being free to roam at will, in this idyllic territory for a hunting hound. When the owner was obliged to find a new home for her, after about a year, I was asked to take her in. She is a beautiful, graceful, lively dog and for general purposes well behaved and obedient. However she has the innate passion for chasing hares (jack rabbits), fostered by her coursing work and of course by her freedom to practise this before I got her. As I live on the edge of open country, moorland covered in bracken and heather, it is again ideal territory for hunting hares. I already had another lurcher, Tigger an ex-racer whippet cross, who by her speed too was an ideal companion for Millie. Although Tigger too had of course the natural desire to chase anything that moved quickly, she was easy to control. However when Millie appeared, the competition to chase hares started. Millie will return quickly if she has killed and will present me with the prey, but can disappear for hours if she fails to find one. But as coursing and all hunting with dogs is now against the law, and in any case I do not wish my dogs to kill, I have a problem. Tigger at the age of 18, much to our distress passed away. When I walk Millie and Boo now I have to be very careful that Millie does not take off. Consequently, as I usually walk other potential hunters, a weimaraner and a labrador, who are more obedient, but who would follow Millie if she dashed off, regrettably I am obliged to put her on a leash in the more likely places for her prey.

Millie's Puppy Pad

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