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Chewy's Bio

joined 3/17/2012

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Chewy the Red Black & White Male Schweenie / Stands 10 inches tall / Weighs 13 lbs / Born 4/20/2011 in Mississippi / Lives with Cialis in Greenville, MI (United States)


No (Spay & Neuter Information)
No (Microchipping Information)
Chewy-trotter, punkin, K-9
Came From
Fantastic! Loves all toys, puzzle games, walks car & bike rides! Chewy is every dogs best friend but very loyal to his family.
Favorite Toy
Too many to list!
Favorite Hobby
Tormenting squirrels, digging
Favorite Food
Science diet
Favorite Treat
Peanut butter
Favorite Trick
"gimme 5!"
Favorite Place To Sleep
His blanket
Favorite Place To Play
Anywhere there is another dog willing to play
Favorite Place To Walk
State land- no leash!
People, milk bones, pig ears, squeaky toys, naps, the sunshine and snow! Chewy loves company, play dates in his backyard. Chewy enjoys fetch.
When mom, dad, or people/ dog friend leave the house.
Chewy's Story & Details
My sister lives in Saucier Mississippi,she adopted Chewy @ 8 weeks for her infant son. A puppy proved too much for her busy schedule ( which included 2 other pets!) so she posted on Facebook that although he was so loved and an amazing dog, she was looking to rehome him. Jokingly I said I would take him if he were here in Michigan. 3 months later she, along with her fiancé, had to travel to Michigan with my nephew (1 1/2) and 3 dogs by car. I told my husband we were taking him for a 3 day trial. I had wanted a dog for years. After 2 hours my husband was already referring to Chewy as his "best friend". We have cherished every moment this spectacular K-9 came into our lives. Even though we had a 3 month battle with fleas, the only thing we would change would be that we could have adopted him earlier! He is so smart and we are constantly complemented on how great he is by friends, family, and strangers!Chewy has stopped traffic on 4 occasions, unbelievably 1 driver actually turned around to tell us how cute he is!

Chewy's Puppy Pad

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