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Just joined!

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Hello everyone! I just joined and uploaded our 2 boys. Jack-Jack is a pug and staffordshire terrier mix and Dash is a Lab/Boxer mix. They are still puppies (Dash just had his first birthday and Jack-Jack is 4 mos old) but are such joys. They love each other very much.

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Hi, nice to have you. I think you will enjoy the site, I sure do. I have met some very nice people on here and gotten some very good information. I have a 6 month old Chipoo named Sophie and a 10 yr old Malchi named Roody. Hope to talk to you again. Tina
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Hi, I think you'll have fun on this site. I have a chipoo and a cockapoo. Both good dogs. Edward (Chipoo) is almost 6 mo. and Kipper is 9 yrs. Kipper is finally getting used to having a "baby" in the house. I wouldn't say he's crazy about it, but , warming up a bit. Hopefully, they'll be good friends soon! Linda
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Hello i just joined. I have a shihpoo name bentley, who is six months. i love to death he loves to cuddle and he is so sweet. but the last few weeks i almost gave him away. I don't know what to do. I do work long hours. so i leave him in the bathroom what a doggie gate. well i came home and i smelled poo. I thought he did it in the bathroom but when i looked in i didn't see anything. I saw it in the living room and dining room. He jumps over the gate door and did it twice in the house and then jumped back in. the first set of poo was hard so i know that was done early in the day. but the second set was very soft so that was done just before i got home. this dog is so smart for him to jump out do his business and jump back in. he hates to be crated. he will whin and bark the whole time. but now he can unlock the crate. i have tested him on it. i even put a wire around the latch and he was able to work that loss. what can i do. i don't want to give him away but i am at the end of my rope with him.
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[:D] Hi.. I just joined too, I have Rusty, he is a Pomchi, Pomeranian and a Chihuahua mix. He is 7 months old and he is such a delight. I also have 3 older cats. It will be some time before they accept him. Anyone have some advice for us?
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Hello Everyone, My name is Rae and I myself have just joined. I have a 4 year old Labloodhound (lab/bloodhound)named Gypsy. I adopted her about a year ago from a local animal shelter. I am a member of a local animal group which helps low income individuals with a portion of the cost to spay or neuter their pets. We also find loving homes for animals. I can't wait to meet all these amazing dogs and their owners! :)
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Hey there, im new too, i have a 9 week old Mastidoodle named Poppy, such a lovely pup [:D]

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