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International Designer Canine Registry

Name:International Designer Canine Registry
Information:The International Designer Canine Registry ® (IDCR) is the Premier Designer Dog Registry and is dedicated exclusively to providing certified registration and pedigree services for all Designer Breeds.

The International Designer Canine Registry was established to grant designer canines, their breeders and owners the same registration privileges that purebred canines benefit from.

The IDCR offers breeders and owners of designer breeds the opportunity to document and record ownership, parentage and ancestry of their designer canines and in so doing record their name and their dog's place in breed history.
Recognized Breeds: Fox-Chi , Foxie Doxie , Foxingese , Foxker , Foxton , Foxy Rat Terrier , Foxy Russell , French Boodle , French Buillon , French Bulldog Mix , French Bullhuahua , French Bullweiler , French Pomchi , Frenchbo Bulldog , Frenchton , Frengle , Frenscher , German Pinscher Mix , German Shepherd Dog Mix , German Sheppit , German Shorthair Toller , German Shorthaired Pointer Mix , German Spitz Mix , German Wirehaired Pointer Mix , German Wolfhound , Giant Schnauzer Mix , Giant Schnoodle , Glechon , Glen of Imaal Terrier Mix , Goberian , Golden Boxer , Golden Dox , Golden Irish , Golden Labmaraner , Golden Labrador , Golden Mountain Dog , Golden Newfie , Golden Pyrenees ,